A Soupçon of SciComm with Vaishali Rawat

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In this edition of our mini-podcast series, we talk to Vaishali Rawat who is a writer and conservation advocate at Wildlife Conservation Society in India. She is also Sanctuary Asia Magazine’s Young Naturalist of the year for 2017. She talks to us about the importance of ecology, wildlife conservation and geography in our everyday lives.


Here are links to Vaishali’s presence on the internet and to some of the people and organisations she talks about in the podcast –

  1. Wildlife Conservation Society India – http://www.wcsindia.org/
  2. Prerna Singh Bindra – http://prernabindra.com/
  3. Tiger Link – http://ranthambhorefoundation.org/tiger-link/
  4. http://www.sanctuaryasia.com/people/earth-heroes/10742-vaishali-rawat.html


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