A Soupçon of SciComm with Devayani Khare

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Devayani Khare is a Geomorphologist who talks to us about Citizen Science and all the different ways in which normal everyday people can get involved in doing science.


Links –

  1. Devayani on Twitter – https://twitter.com/Geo_Sophist
  2. Devayani’s posts on the Travel Scope blog – http://travelscopeindia.com/blog/?author=2
  3. India Biodiversity Portal – http://indiabiodiversity.org/
  4. Article on Citizen science projects in India – https://indiabioscience.org/columns/indian-scenario/how-citizen-science-is-helping-solve-indias-environmental-challenges
  5. Seasonwatch – run by the NCBS
  6. Zooniverse – an archive of citizen science projects
  7. Eyewire – Reconstructing neurons in 3D



    I am a scientist working since 20 years in frlht organization..in Bangalore.
    Today known as tdu state university.
    I have been very excited reading about your science communication workshop at zoo outreach.
    Is it possible for you to conduct workshop at tdu.
    I need to talk to you regarding this.
    Regards noorie

  2. Hello Dr. Begum! Thank you for commenting on our blog! We dont have Devayani’s contact up here on this blogpost, but I am happy to let her know that you want to initiate a conversation. Can you please leave your email address as a reply to this comment? We will pass it on to her.

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