Vigyaan-Vichaar – Janasuddi with Dr. Kollegala Sharma

Despite the multitude of languages that exist in India, communication of science is often limited to only a few and often centred around major cities. This obviously leads to the problem of scientific knowledge and ideas not reaching those who would benefit from it the most. But all is not doom and gloom. Armed with … Continue reading Vigyaan-Vichaar – Janasuddi with Dr. Kollegala Sharma

Preserving the similarity of life

If you’ve been to Amsterdam or Venice, or seen photographs of these beautiful cities, you would have marvelled at the many canals and the bridges connecting them. Have you ever wondered what prevents the water in these canals from mixing with one another? Of course, it’s because of the embankments that separate them. Had these … Continue reading Preserving the similarity of life

Glue-ing the brain

This article was published in the Science Desk section of You can view it here. In 1898, William Ford Robertson, a Scottish pathologist working in the Royal Edinburgh Asylums published his work on an undescribed group of brain cells. A young man of 32 years, he had been staining brain slices with platinum, palladium … Continue reading Glue-ing the brain


Q: What’s with the missing ‘e’? A: There isn’t a missing ‘e’. It is how it is spelt. In fact, it is an acronym for Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats.   Q: You’ve lost me now, what does all that mean? A: Guilty as charged. You see it all started with biologists who were … Continue reading GENE EDITING MADE CRISPR

Going back, To the future

Nostalgia is perhaps the easiest forms of time travel. The allure of the past clouded with quirks of one’s memories effects emotions strong enough that they transport us to happier (or sadder) times. Looking back in time can also serve as a corrective measure for individuals and societies. We have all had that one instance … Continue reading Going back, To the future