Shoot the Shit – 2

Listen to our first ever yearly round-up of what we do for work, in our free time, our favourite shows and our scientific, nerdy and geeky pet peeves.

A Soupçon of SciComm with Arnab Dasgupta on Cosmology

Space. The final frontier. These are the voyages of Starship IndSciComm. Its continuing mission - to explore strange new science. To seek out new scientists and new explanations. To boldly go where no one has gone before. Links: Six Easy Pieces Feynman's lectures LIGO  , Baryonic asymmetry Beauty factory Quark Antimatter (from NASA Science News) Higgs … Continue reading A Soupçon of SciComm with Arnab Dasgupta on Cosmology

A Soupçon of SciComm with Deeptha Vasudevan on Zebrafish and Neurogenesis

Deeptha thinks Zebrafish are the coolest fish in the world. Probably even the coolest animal ever? Do you know why? Listen! Links: Zebrafish are native to the Himalayan region! The Dorsky Lab at the University of Utah General introduction to Zebrafish and studying their brain - Zebrafish embryogenesis -