A Soupçon of SciComm with Devayani Khare

  https://soundcloud.com/polybiotique/a-soupcon-of-scicomm-with-devayani-khare   Links - Devayani on Twitter - https://twitter.com/Geo_Sophist Devayani's posts on the Travel Scope blog - http://travelscopeindia.com/blog/?author=2 India Biodiversity Portal - http://indiabiodiversity.org/ Article on Citizen science projects in India - https://indiabioscience.org/columns/indian-scenario/how-citizen-science-is-helping-solve-indias-environmental-challenges Seasonwatch - run by the NCBS Zooniverse - an archive of citizen science projects Eyewire - Reconstructing neurons in 3D

Soupçon of SciComm with Parshati Patel

We talk to Parshati Patel who is an Astronomer turned Science Communicator and currently works as an Education and Outreach Program co-ordinator at Western University in London, Ontario in Canada. Parshati talks to us about visualising and understanding how planets form. https://soundcloud.com/polybiotique/soupcon-of-scicomm-with-parshati-patel   P.S: Edited to add Parshati's details - https://parshatipatel.wordpress.com/ Twitter - @parshatipatel  

The Society of Stem Cells

by Arun Mahadevan The human body, in all its marvelous complexity, develops from a single cell – a fertilized egg. Ponder over that for a minute. The trillions of cells in your body – those in your brain that give rise to your identity, those in your heart that pump blood to the rest of... Continue Reading →

Lifting the veil off a strange parasite

While Toxoplasma causes long-lasting infections that resist treatment, research on this neglected parasite promises to unveil new ways to treat malaria. But there is more to this microbe than meets the eye. Listen to our podcast to find out. References: 1. General introduction 2. TORCH member 3. CDC assigned category NPI 4. Early research and establishment as parasite: Ferguson, David JP.... Continue Reading →

Neurobabble – A Debate

The Wire recently published an article by Dr. Sumaiya Shaikh on 'The Cognitive Neuroscience of Lynching'. Not only was it badly written, it had warped neuroscience concepts and highly false claims. I countered the original article with a rebuttal. Dr. Shaikh wrote her replies here. Following this, Dr. Shaikh has refused to engage in any... Continue Reading →

Preserving the similarity of life

If you’ve been to Amsterdam or Venice, or seen photographs of these beautiful cities, you would have marvelled at the many canals and the bridges connecting them. Have you ever wondered what prevents the water in these canals from mixing with one another? Of course, it’s because of the embankments that separate them. Had these... Continue Reading →

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