Neurobabble – A Debate

The Wire recently published an article by Dr. Sumaiya Shaikh on 'The Cognitive Neuroscience of Lynching'. Not only was it badly written, it had warped neuroscience concepts and highly false claims. I countered the original article with a rebuttal. Dr. Shaikh wrote her replies here. Following this, Dr. Shaikh has refused to engage in any... Continue Reading →

Preserving the similarity of life

If you’ve been to Amsterdam or Venice, or seen photographs of these beautiful cities, you would have marvelled at the many canals and the bridges connecting them. Have you ever wondered what prevents the water in these canals from mixing with one another? Of course, it’s because of the embankments that separate them. Had these... Continue Reading →

Lighting up the brain

Many separate fields such microbiology, genetics, biochemistry, molecular biology and neuroscience have intersected to give rise to a new field called Optogenetics. Quite simply, optogenetics involves using genes to help single cells make light sensitive proteins. Widely used in neuroscience, optogenetics has revolutionized the way single and groups of neurons are studied and manipulated in... Continue Reading →

Women in Science

It is difficult enough for any Indian citizen to remember the name of a male Indian scientist. But how many of them know the name of a female Indian scientist?  As a woman and as a scientist, I have strong feelings about this. There is a clear argument to be made that India, like many... Continue Reading →

The curious case of aging

  A legend says that drinking from the “Fountain of Youth” can restore youth.  Tempting, indeed. Unfortunately youth doesn’t last forever as aging is a natural process that all living beings undergo. What comes to your mind when you hear the word aging? - Wrinkles, becoming weak and more prone to age related ailments. Ever... Continue Reading →

Glue-ing the brain

This article was published in the Science Desk section of You can view it here. In 1898, William Ford Robertson, a Scottish pathologist working in the Royal Edinburgh Asylums published his work on an undescribed group of brain cells. A young man of 32 years, he had been staining brain slices with platinum, palladium... Continue Reading →

Shoot the Shit – Chapter 1

Here is our first ever Shoot the Shit episode - we talk about Smart watches, the now-defunct company Pebble and Shruti's father's new love - Alexa, Amazon's personal assistant.

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