Database of Indian SciComm Practitioners

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This is a collaborative attempt by IndSciComm, SciCommSci Club and SciRio to showcase active science communication practitioners in the Indian scicomm space. This database is a curated and constantly updated listing, that has been collated from many different sources. These include a list hosted on the Confluence platform run by the Indian Academy of Sciences, a previous database of institutional outreach staff at various Indian scientific research institutions curated by IndSciComm, and the responses from an open Google Form (see below) for adding active Indian science communicators.

This database has a separate tab listing all the communications cells, outreach staff and offices in Indian scientific research institutes.

We hope that greater transparency and access to information about active science communicators will lead to improved hiring, compensation, work conditions, and gender parity.

Click here to view, search and sort the list on Google Sheets. Please use this form for potential additions and direct any queries to

For a quick look at the list, please see the embed below:

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