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About us

Here is a 35 min podcast if you want to know more about who we are.

We are a trio. We owe our childhood to growing up in different Indian cities – on a staple of books, street-food, music and of course, science. We met during our undergraduate years at Acharya Narendra Dev College, in the University of Delhi. We went on to do different things after completing our Bachelors degrees’ in Biomedical Science.

We are passionate about science in its various forms and beyond our immediate research interests. We hope to enthuse people with our fondness as we experienced from a family member, a teacher or a scientist.

Our belief is that stripping of science from the constructed notions of a scientist (bookish, nerdy, lab-coat wearing and loner) will go a long way to get the general public interested. This is hence an attempt to open a dialogue on scientific issues… be it an interesting article from a research group or an engrossing talk or podcast and or even a conversation at the intersection of science and society.

Comments and suggestions are welcome here or on twitter @IndSciComm. Our views are personal and do not reflect those of our employers past or present.

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