GMOs: What you need to know

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IndSciComm podcasts
IndSciComm podcasts
GMOs: What you need to know

Published in Newslaundry on April 18th 2017


  1. The Regulatory Status of Genome-edited Crops: Wolt, Wang and Yang (2015) Plant Biotechnology Journal
  2. Green European Journal: New Breeding Techniques, New GMOs in a legal Limbo
  3. Genetic Literacy Project FAQs     
  4. Legal Briefing Paper: Regulatory Status of Plants resulting from NBTs : NBT Platform
  5. Regulatory Status of NBTs outside the EU: NBT Platform
  6. Committee formed in USA to redefine genetic modification
  7. How some GMOs have escaped US regulation; non-browning white mushrooms
  8. Research paper on crop domestication
  9. Safety testing of GMOs

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