Science and Society with Dr. Soumitra Pathare (Part 2)

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Science and Society with Dr. Soumitra Pathare (Part 2)
Science and Society

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We continue our discussion on the Mental Health Care Act with Dr. Soumitra Pathare.

Interview by: Navneet A Vasistha

Podcast edited by: Shruti Muralidhar


  1. APA resolution against homosexuality as a mental disorder
  2. Depathologizing homosexuality Drescher et al., 2015
  3. WHO statistics about Psychiatrists and Nurses per 100,000 across the world (2014)
  4. Low number of psychiatrists in India 
  5. Music Credits – ‘Curiosity’ by Lee Rosevere from the ‘Music for Podcasts‘ album. Used under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

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  1. This two-part podcast made for a great listen. Well-balanced questions by Navneet and eloquent, easy-to-understand answers by Dr. Pathare. Very informative.

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