विज्ञान का सागर – प्रतिमान जंतु

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विज्ञान का सागर - प्रतिमान जंतु

This is our first podcast in Hindi – the second in an ongoing series titled ‘Sea of Science’, which translates in Hindi as ‘विज्ञान का सागर’.

The title of this podcast is ‘प्रतिमान जंतु ’ which is Hindi for model organisms. Here, we will be focussing on the use of these organisms in biological research.

This episode is part of an effort to make science podcasts in many Indian languages.

Click here to listen to our previous episode focussed on the same topic in a different Indian language – Tamizh and read the script in English.

We plan to continue this series in many other Indian languages.

Intro and Outro music – New Day by Lee Rosevere from Music for Podcasts 4 on Free Music Archive. Interlude music – Angle of Light by David Hilowitz from Angle of Light on Free Music Archive.


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