Vigyaan-Vichaar – Janasuddi with Dr. Kollegala Sharma

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IndSciComm podcasts
IndSciComm podcasts
Vigyaan-Vichaar - Janasuddi with Dr. Kollegala Sharma

Despite the multitude of languages that exist in India, communication of science is often limited to only a few and often centred around major cities. This obviously leads to the problem of scientific knowledge and ideas not reaching those who would benefit from it the most.

But all is not doom and gloom. Armed with the reach of social media, open source softwares and local networks, several individuals are attempting to fill these gaps by innovative yet low cost alternatives.

This podcast series is aimed at sharing such efforts and to inspire many more to communicate science in the many languages that call India their home. Our first episode features Dr. Kollegala Sharma


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